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10 Day Quarantine after masked-PE-induced nausea?

Wear mask during PE = Nauseated Kid = 10 day quarantine due to nausea

Parent story from mid-September: My son was very hot, didn't feel well, and had a red face after doing PE in a mask. The school nurse told us he had to quarantine for 10 days or provide a negative test since nausea is listed on the Illness Decision Tree. They initially wanted to quarantine the entire class, but changed their minds."

These decisions are made based on the Illness Decision Tree. What are the chances these kids actually have COVID and how much damage is being done by excluding so many healthy kids from school?

Don't forget! CDH adopted the CDC transmission categories at the end of July so the max number of cases in the yellow/moderate category today is roughly 1/3 the number of cases that it was last school year. This means unnecessary quarantines of many healthy students would have continued throughout the entire last school year, rather than ending in Feb 2021, and will likely continue if BSD keeps holding fast to the current guidance instead of making their own informed, well-rounded decisions.


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