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A Personal Story from a Boise Schools Parent

Are Boise School District quarantine policies incentivizing parents to send sick kids to school?! Boise School District Parent Story:

My daughter has a cold. She’s just congested but really no other symptoms. She already had Covid in February. Normally I would actually keep her home for a day or two to ensure she’s not getting anybody else sick. I’ve continued to send her to school and told her not to let anyone else know that she’s not feeling well because they’ll want her to quarantine for 10 days or test out. I’m conflicted because I know it’s better to keep her home. She already had to quarantine the first week and a half of school because one of her sport's teammates tested positive for Covid and they weren't wearing masks while they were playing. I don't want her to miss 10 days of school nor do I want to have her tested for something I know she doesn't have.


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