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Boise Schools spending $44K on Contact Tracing

....... and they send notifications SEVEN days AFTER exposure!!

The Boise School District has decided to hire professional contact tracers to notify families of close contact with those who test positive for COVID at school.... to the tune of over $44k in funds spent thus far. Some families haven't received notification until 7 days post exposure that their child was exposed to COVID at school.

See the date on the email to the parent of the exposed student and the actual day the student was possibly exposed. Seven days difference. That student could have exposed his/her whole sports team, granny and grandpa, siblings, and his/her parents entire work place by then.

Not only that....

If Boise Schools District is going to pay someone to contact trace our students, then they should find someone a little quicker to respond. No point in sending an email out SEVEN days later.

Hey, here's a thought. Let's stop contact tracing altogether. If you feel sick and have symptoms, stay home.

Think of all the money Boise Schools would save.

$44,000.00 to date.


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