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Could the cases CDH reports on social media be off by a factor of two?!

CDH's FB page says there were 1,512 new cases in Ada County Nov 18-25.... that's over two times the number of cases for the previous two weeks and the first time we've hit 1500+ cases since Oct 10. Not to mention is wildly higher than the cases reported on the CDH public dashboard. Seems unlikely....

If we were using the "old" color categories used prior to adopting CDC categories in late-July, Ada County would almost be in the yellow/moderate transmission category. According to the CDH public dashboard, there were 677 cases in Ada County for the week of Nov 14 and the cutoff for the old yellow/moderate category was 674. But the new orange/substantial category for Ada County won't be obtained until we hit 482 cases per week yellow/moderate category won't be until we hit 241 cases per week. That means that roughly 2/3 of the old yellow/moderate transmission category is now in the orange or even red category.

Why does BSD and CDH keep chasing transmission and using it to make decisions especially when transmission clearly can't be controlled and the metrics can change overnight on what constitutes low/moderate/high transmission?


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