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Do you think parents should be involved in dress code policy?

We sure do!

At the June 13, 2022 board meeting, the Board planned to hold the first reading of a new dress code policy and regulation for dress code enforcement, but there had been NO community or parental outreach and very little, if any, teacher/staff outreach.

What did the new dress code look like? It wasn't pretty....

Thankfully, a few parents noticed the dress code on the board meeting agenda late last week and spread the word. The Board received "significant input" (THANK YOU to our subscribers, those in our private FB group and others who e-mailed) about it and decided to not hold the first reading.

Instead, the Board sent it back to the District Administration and Governance Committee for review and revision. Superintendent Dennis kind of admitted that they had left the public out by saying “we probably need to do a little bit more with our community.” Considering the District had NOT included the community or parents AT ALL in the draft of the new policy, which basically eliminated the current dress code, this is quite the understatement.

While we are thankful the Board did not hold the first reading and sent it back to the District for review and revision, the fact that ANY policy change of this magnitude could make it to first reading without FIRST receiving public input (i.e. gender identity, eliminating the definitions for harassment/bullying/hazing, student discipline, moving students to online school as a form of discipline, read more here) shows a disregard for the community and parents. We also wonder what would have happened if so many parents hadn’t e-mailed and what else they’ve been sneaking through over the years. Read our full board June 13, 2022 meeting summary here for more info, subscribe to our website and join our private FB group.


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