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Is it about Control or Keeping us all Safe?

BSD seems to love crowd limits and rule enforcement. But only when it’s convenient for them…..

For example, the Boise School District did not have an attendance limit at the August 9 school board meeting (where 100+ parents and community members attended to peacefully, visually object to the August 3 decision to reinstate the mask mandates).

But since then board has capped attendance to 20 since the Sept meeting “due to covid” even though the covid case rates were lower during the Nov and Dec school board meetings than they were at the August board meeting, which had no attendance limit.

Furthermore, when a handful of people tried to enter the Sept board meeting unmasked and over the attendance limit, 5 police officers showed up and threatened to arrest them for trespassing.

The school district won’t even allow people into the large lobby (shown in the photo above) to wait for open seats or listen to the meeting through the three doors that open directly into the lobby.

In fact, at the December (very cold and dark outside) board meeting, At least one mom was required to wait OUTSIDE for an open seat even though there were only a few people waiting to take an unclaimed seat. She chose to wait in her car. A second mom came late to the meeting due to a prior conflict hoping to snag an open seat. Since she came directly after one of her kids’ activities, she brought her two children with her. But there were only two open seats available in the boardroom so the “door guards” told her that one of her children would have to wait in the car while she and the other child attended the board meeting. Not only would they not allow the extra child to attend the meeting, but they would not even allow him to wait in the lobby.

However, attendance limits and strict mask requirements aren’t enforced for sports, as has been shown in previous posts.

Wrestling Match at Capital High, December 4, 2021:

Wrestling Match at Capital High 12/10/21:

Timberline Girls Basketball 11/23/21:

Timberline 1/8/22:

Are the masking requirements really about safety? Or are they perhaps catered to keep a certain crowd happy (the sports families) while being manipulated to exclude people from the public process who aren’t happy with the district’s decision-making abilities?

Should the district crack down on mask enforcement? Should these students, staff and families get in trouble? Absolutely not! These large events with minimal-to-no mask use show that life can proceed as normal and that erroneous rules for the classroom or boardroom have no place in our district.


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