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It's easy to slander

By now you've likely seen some of the unfair news articles about our preferred candidates for the Sept 6 Boise trustee election. Have you noticed, though, that the news pieces do not say WHY you should vote for their endorsed candidates? Do you also notice how they don't say WHY or HOW our preferred candidates are any of the terrible things they are accusing them of?

Our candidates are telling you WHY to vote for them. They are telling you what they have to offer and drawing a contrast with their competitors without resorting to slander and untrue claims. We hope voters do their research, see through these ugly tactics and vote for the candidates who will put education first and serve our students, staff and the community. If you'd like to see who we're choosing with links to their websites, click here.

Krista Hasler Rebuttal 1 and 2

Greg Woodard Rebuttal 1 and 2


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