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Segregation and Discrimination at BSD?

Did you know that students are being segregated and discriminated against based upon their vaccination status in the Boise School District?

At the junior high and high school level, parents have shared that Boise School District completed contact tracing and segregated and quarantined their healthy children from the sports program and school based on their child’s vaccination status. It is quite clear at this point that it is still quite easy to contract and transmit COVID while vaccinated. In fact, the first case of the Omicron variant in the US was from a vaccinated individual and early data is showing roughly half of Omicron cases are among the vaccinated. Thankfully, although Omicron is causing high rates of breakthrough infection and is highly transmissible, illness is typically mild. So, if the vaccine doesn't provide very good protection against contraction and transmission, why is Boise School District segregating and discriminating against students regarding their vaccination status?

According to parents, The impacts of this policy has been absolutely devastating for their students and serious affects mentally emotionally and educationally have been noted.

This district process is exposing children’s personal health choices including vaccination status to all as those with the quarantine are obviously “not vaccinated”. It is unethical in nature for any child’s health related choices including vaccination status to be exposed and this is what the Boise School District is doing with this absurd policy.

None the less, this is putting children in uncomfortable and confrontational situations with their peers due to health related decisions beyond their control.

In addition to being quarantined from their sports team, if unvaccinated, these same children were also unable to return to school for a period of time. Meanwhile, the vaccinated students were permitted to return immediately.

Boise school district has decided to prioritize the vaccinated students, providing them better access to uninterrupted education services and continued access to extracurricular activities.

Anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression and a loss of education are only some of the side affects children are facing and more will continue to face as these policies continue to affect our very own Boise School District Students.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Schools all over Idaho are not segregating and discriminating against their kids through bogus quarantine policies.

If this policy worries you, please provide testimony for the Monday board meeting here or e-mail the trustees:

Do you have a quarantine story where your child was segregated or discriminated against? E-mail us at and we'll share your story anonymously.


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