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Steve Schmidt Selected to Join the BSD Board

The Boise Schools Board has selected Steve Schmidt to join them in a special session on Nov 19, 2021. A seat became vacate a few months ago, applications were turned in and three finalists were interviewed on Friday.

Mr. Schmidt will be sworn in on December 13th's regular board meeting. Per the Boise Schools District policy, Mr. Schmidt will serve until the next regular election of the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, when he will have the option to run for the unexpired term of the office, which runs until September of 2024.

Here's the story from Idaho ED News.

Along with Mr. Schmidt's seat, 3 other seats will be up for reelection in September 2022.

Maybe you will consider running?

If you do decide to run, let us know and we may be able to help your campaign.

Congratulations to Steve Schmidt.

I'm sure he has a great smile under that mask.


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