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Unmasked crowds at BSD sports events

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

During the November 2021 board meeting COVID update, the presentation (time stamp 1:55:50) showed there is very little spread within BSD sports teams due to strict covid policy (see excerpted video here). So, if there is very little spread due to large, unmasked crowds at sporting events, why should our students and staff be required to continue masking at school?

But very few people have been following the masking and social distancing guidance. Large crowds are attending sports games and the spectators aren't wearing masks even though they are supposed to. Even if the BSD crowds were to wear masks faithfully, the fact that they're in a gym for several hours with an opposing team (and supporting crowd) that is unmasked with no consequence really shows what little impact, if any, mandatory masking has. The school staff and coaches are doing their best to enforce masking and follow the protocol during practice and events, it's just too difficult to implement in a way that makes sense while giving appropriate attention to the players and the game. This is not a failure on the part of the coaches and staff, but it is a failure on the part of unreasonable expectations from the district that accomplish nothing more than checking the "covid protocol" box.

Check out just a few of these photos showing unmasked crowds at BSD sporting events. Ask your friends who attend indoor jr high or high school sports what games have been like and see if your favorite Boise school has posted any game photos on their social media page. If you have any photos to share, please send them our way and we'll add to the post!!

Please provide testimony requesting optional masking and no segregation or discrimination based on vaccine status using this link and e-mail the trustees:

Wrestling Tournament at Capital High School 12/4/21

Timberline Girls Basketball Nov 23 and Dec 1


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