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Why does BSD consider it an inconvenience to provide masks?

Some students forget their masks at home, sometimes masks get lost, some families can't afford enough cloth masks for all of their children for a week or 1-2 disposable masks per day, some parents and staff think that the district should provide masks since they're the ones requiring them.

Whatever the reason, however, some Boise Schools are unhappy about having to provide masks.... even though the district is receiving close to $52M in COVID relief funding. Shouldn't at least some of that money be used to make sure clean masks are readily available for anyone who needs one (or two) in a day? And shouldn't there not be any guilt associated with using those masks? Should principals be sending e-mails to parents begging them to send their kids in masks when the entire purpose of the $52M COVID relief funds were to ensure the schools had everything they needed to stop or slow the spread of COVID?

Should this type of situation be happening?

Parent Story from late September 2021:

"Borah, West and Amity are being stingy with masks. My son forgot his one day and a teacher told him to "figure it out". He couldn't find one anywhere so he ended up taking one out of the garbage to wear. I wanted to file a complaint, but by son was so afraid of retaliation from teachers and coaches, I decided not to."

What do you think about principals complaining about providing masks? What about students who feel another person's discarded mask that's been touching garbage is their only option and fear retaliation for filing a complaint?


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